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       The Persian Hebrew Congregation

A Synagogue that feels like home

Jews from numerous countries and various origins pray together in our beautiful sanctuary, celebrate chagim together, study together, enjoy kiddushim together and are always excited to welcome newcomers to our congregation.

Three Tenets of Judaism

At the Persian Hebrew Congregation, our home away from home, the three tenets of Judaism, Torah, Avodah and Ge'Meelut Chasidim (Study, Worship and Acts of Kindness) are the values that we hope to live by.

                     Upcoming Events


The Daily Mincha & Arvit will be at 6:50pm this week.

DONT FORGET TO SELL YOUR CHAMETZ!! click here for form deadline is April 4th

We are collecting money for “Kimcha D’Pischa” – to help people with their Pesach expenses. If you would like to participate, please send a check made out to the Persian Hebrew Congregation to the Synagogue with the words "Kimcha D’Pischa" in the memo or donate online with the words "Kimcha D’Pischa" in the payment notes.

                Weekly Announcements

Persian Hebrew Congregation

P’ Vayikra - 5783

March 24-30, 2023


Pesach Notes:

We are collecting money for “Kimcha D’Pischa” – to help people with their Pesach expenses. If you would like to participate, please send a check made out to the Persian Hebrew Congregation to the Synagogue with the words "Kimcha D’Pischa" in the memo.

Thank you.


Shabbat Schedule

Shir HaShirim - 6:30pm

Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat - 6:45pm

Candle Lighting - 6:47pm


Shacharit - 8:40am

Shabbat Afternoon Class - 5:50pm

Shabbat Afternoon Mincha - 6:30pm

Havdala: 7:58pm


The Chullent this week is open for sponsorship.


Seudat Shelishit this week is also open for sponsorship.


On behalf of the Persian Hebrew Congregation, we would like to thank Michael & Rebecca Miller for the Shabbat Shopping.

We are all encouraged to either take a turn to do the shopping, or make a donation to cover the expenses of the shopping.

Chazak U’Baruch!


Regular Daily Tefilla Schedule

Sunday Shacharit - 7:20am

Monday - Friday Shacharit: 6:10am

Daily Mincha & Arvit this week - 6:50pm


All Occasion Cards:

All occasion cards are now available from our Synagogue. Beautifully designed cards for honoring happy events and cards in memory of departed loved ones can be purchased with a donation of $18.00. Please call Libby Chernoff at 847-602 0749.  Provide the information and the card will be mailed. A check can then be mailed to the Synagogue.


Refuah Sheleima List:

If you have a name of a person that needs a Refuah Sheleima, you may reply to this email with the name of the person.

Please let us know if the person does not need to be on the list.

Aryeh Dovid Ben Rena Malka, Moshe ben Yola Gracia, Ben Yehuda ben Rachel, David ben Batsheva, Yocheved bat Zahava, Galit Ady bat Rina, Itta bat Tzippeh, Flora bat Farangi, Reuven ben Gittel, Yermiyahu ben Sarah, Chaim ben Farangi, Sophia bat Shaeen, Esther bat Sarah Miriam, Janet Sarah bat Heshmat, Natalia bat Zinaida, Dovid ben Malka Maltza, Lynn bat Irving, Daniel Aharon ben Davida Rochel, Alessi Julia bat Rachel Masum, Avigayil bat Chava Rachel, Yitzchak Pinchas ben Michla, Dovid ben Rus, Shlomo ben Zisel, Shaina Bracha bat Sima Yenta, Bracha Esther bat Sarah, Zvi Hirsch ben Masha, Avraham ben Leah, Dovid ben Chaya Rivka, Na’avah Amaliyah bat Sarah, Hava bat Sara, Daniel ben Ayuma, Tamar bat Miriam, Sarah Vered bat Shoshana, Chana bat Shoshana, Shmuel Mordechai ben Tova, Miriam Abigail bat Etta, Chaya Musa Ita bat Chana Gittel, Sima Yenta bat Chana Gittel, Sima Yucha bat Sarah Leah, Rachel bat Elise, Dena Lea Bat Sarah, Chanania ben Flora, Moshe ben Sara Yocheved, Chana Leah bat Michal, Batsheva Beila bat Chava, Chanit Rivka bat Ashira Yehudit, Devorah bat Bela, Chaim ben Meir, Eitan ben Chana, HaRav Yom Tov Yitzchak Ben Rissel, Leah bat Machla Rivka, Motaran ben Tavous, Baruch Ezra ben Eshrat, Rivka Bat Monear, Liba Ruth bat Dina, Tziporah Miriam bat Mazal, Soosan bat Zaman, Eliezer Shalom Zelig ben Tzivia Dina, Elka Freidel Bat Chana Gittel, Aron Yankel ben Roza Riva, Devorah Chaya bat Rachel and David ben Maryam.

                      WhatsApp Groups

To join our PHC WhatsApp group or the Daf Yomi group speak to Rabbi Hamaoui.

Tue, March 28 2023 6 Nisan 5783